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I offer a private tour service to small groups/families/couples who are interested in WW2 and want to see the Munich,Dachau,Eagles Nest or Nuremberg areas in detail.

As well as taking you to the more obvious places, I also take you to more tucked away places of interest off the beaten track, which you would not see on more general mass market tours, or any other tour.

Over the years I have spoken with and guided many people, including former concentration camp prisoners, concentration camp liberators and people whose family fought on the German side.

To give you an idea of the kind of information I have at hand,


Third Reich Munich tour

Munich was known as ´Hauptstadt der Bewegung´ – Capital of the Movement. The interesting thing about Munich as opposed to Berlin is that a high percentage of the buildings connected with this period survived the extensive allied bombing. So there is a huge amount to still see.

On this tour you will see where the Nazi party was formed. Also to be seen are the two best surviving examples of Third Reich architecture in Germany, including the Führer Bau, Hitler´s Offices, where the Munich Agreement was signed. Hitler´s flats are still in existence, his favourite restaurant, the key parade grounds and so on – there are even a few surviving eagles tucked away if you know where to look.

This is a fascinating tour with a huge amount to see. Please note this tour involves a lot of walking

Third Reich Nuremberg

Hitler called Nuremberg – The most German of all German cities.

Discover ww2 Nuremberg. Even before Hitler assumed power support for the NAZIs was very strong in the Nuremberg area. The first NAZI German rally day took place as early as 1923. Eventually Nuremburg became infamous for the yearly party rallies in the 1930s.

I will show you the rally ground remains in detail as well as the more obvious documentation center, housed in the half finished remains of the Congress Hall.

The other key sight is the east wing of the Nuremberg court house, where court room 600 is located. A very interesting and detailed museum is located there that details the Nuremburg trails. When the court room is not in use you can also gain access to it as well.

Dachau Memorial tour

I will give you a detailed objective tour of the site. Dachau was the only camp open for the whole duration of the Third Reich and was the training center for many of the people that were to become infamous in the following years, such as Rudolf Hoess (Future commandant of Auschwitz).

A broad range of different aspects of camp life are covered during its different periods of operation right through to its liberation in April 1945.

Thousands of people met their end here, often in a barbaric way. The relevance of the memorial today to future generations is a very important subject, as well as its relevance to the survivors, their families and the GIs who have a personal connection to the place.

Dachau and Third Reich Combined Tour

In the morning I will collect you from your hotel reception and give you a detailed tour of the Dachau Memorial Site.

I am a very long standing Dachau Memorial guide and over the years I have met many ex prisoners, their families and liberators. I will tell you some of their stories

We have lunch at Dachau and then in the afternoon we return to Munich and you will see the key sites connected with the rise of Hitler. I will give you detail on how this happened in relation to the buildings we see.

This is an ideal tour for those with a real interest..

Eagles Nest tour

Visit Hitler’s mountain retreat, where the Nazi-leadership lived and which was Hitler’s second seat of government.
Our journey from Munich into this area traces in detail the route the US forces took into the area in May 1945.

Berchtesgaden, the Obersalzberg and the Eagles Nest are often confused as one. They are in fact three separate areas which I will show you in detail.

The area midway up the mountain is known as the Obersalzberg. This is where Hitler and many of the top Nazis lived. Access to parts of the bunker complex under the mountain is also possible.

Located at the top of the mountain is the Eagles Nest, a tea house constructed as a 50th birthday

Costumer reviews

Steve’s knowledge and passion came through, and it was fascinating to wander through the streets of Munich and learn about the history of the Nazi’s, and the resistance, in Munich. This tour was the highlight of our trip to Munich. 

Kara Sydney

Steve was a great historian and provided a personal perspective that we wouldn’t have had with the self-guided tour. He was personable, friendly and willing to answer questions.

Dylan Dallas

Steve our guide, was outstanding. He gave a very objective description of the memorial over a few hours and we really got a feel for what life was like there without the prejudices and emotion that could quite easily creep into the explanations. Being a history teacher, his knowledge was second to none which is exactly what we wanted.

Will Sydney

We learned so much from Steve, who was a true expert on the subject, was very friendly, and great to spend time with! As an American, I have grown up with a certain perspective on the Holocaust but Steve gave excellent non-biased, open minded commentary which caused me to challenge my assumptions and beliefs on WW2 and the German people. Most importantly, he treated the subject matter, the victims, the survivors, and German society with respect.

Silicic Santa Barbara

I learned so much, and as I am a teacher was able to share it with my students. Steve knows his stuff. There is a LOT to read in the museum exhibit, so having a guide that could take us to the most important points really made it more meaningful. Otherwise I know I would have started skipping parts of the exhibit to get it all in and would therefore have missed some really great stuff.

Enrin Cedar City

My wife and 2 teenage kids spend 2 great days with Steve. One day touring Munich and the other day Most tour guides will take you to the camp and return to Munich; however Steve took us around Dachau to show us other leftover WWII sights from the war. Munich came alive with Steve, stopping off for a snack, including the best apple strudel which happened to be the same place Hitler ate at, surfing, yes surfing, in Munich, and myinterest, WWII. It was interesting seeing some of the leftover Nazi symbols, considering most have been removed. He has a great knowledge of history and is fun to be with. Book you tour with him first, then plan the rest of your vacation. Next time we are in Munich, we will definitely use teve again. Still more to see and he knows where the sights are. Thanks so much

Steve Marco Vivanti USA

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