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I offer a private tour service to small groups/families/couples who are interested in WW2 and want to see the Munich,Dachau,Eagles Nest or Nuremberg areas in detail. As well as taking you to the more obvious places, I also take you to more tucked away places of interest off the beaten track, which you would not see on more general mass market tours, or any other tour.

Over the years I have spoken with and guided many people, including former concentration camp prisoners, concentration camp liberators and people whose family fought on the German side.

To give you an idea of the kind of information I have at hand, my wife´s grandfather kept extensive diaries and fought in the same regiment as Hitler during the First World War and was in the beer hall as a spectator during the Beer Hall Putsch. I am a full time World War Two historian and I started my research into specific aspects of World War Two 27 years ago.

I am the only guide in the South of Germany that purely specializes in 1920s 30s and 40s history. I have compiled the only photo archive of hundreds of Third Reich sites in Munich, if you after seeing something more obscure I may well know where it is. I have undertaken literally thousands of tours of the Dachau area over the 13 years I have been an official guide.

So if you have an interest in this period of history and want an in-depth, objective tour with someone who has a passion for the subject and years of local knowledge…get in touch.

I also undertake tailored specific tours for families who want to trace the war time journey of a relative in Southern Germany.

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If you are interested in a tour please contact me at stevesww2tours@hotmail.com or use the email form below and I will respond promptly

 Steve Whitehorn

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